Everything is very simple!

Do you have ready-made materials that you want to advertise and that they are always available to users?
OK! Then our service is for you!
By placing our page with us, you get rid of the hassle of advertising each link or banner separately.

All your materials on one page!


If you have a ready landing page and you want to place it on a hosting on the Internet, then you can do it with us.

The principle of placement is very simple:

  • You choose the period for which you want to place the page;
  • Pay in a convenient way for you;
  • Send us your page in archived form (ZIP or RAR archive file);
  • We place it on the hosting, add it to our directory and send you a link to your page (example link - https://promo4u.space/cat/you_folder_name).


From the moment the link is placed, your page becomes available for viewing by other users.

If you decide to make changes to your page, you provide us with an updated version and we install it in place of the old version. This service is free and does not require payment.

You can place your link in social networks, surfing (active advertising system), on link shortening services, etc. Ways to advertise and promote the page you choose.

In addition to this, your resource is in our thematic catalog with a description and a link, and is always available for viewing.

It is fast, convenient and profitable!


Conditions you need to know!

We do not in any way claim the content of the stirred pages and do not bear any responsibility for them.
Also placed pages must comply with your requirements (rules):

  • do not accept pages with any kind of redirect to third-party resources;
  • it is forbidden to use any kinds of hidden scripts that put a load on the processor (for example, mining) or try to install anything on the users computer;
  • it is forbidden to place on the pages of content of pornographic and erotic content;
  • pages with advertising and distribution of firearms and cold arms, narcotic drugs and goods that violate generally accepted standards are not accepted;
  • prohibited pages violating ethical and ethnic norms, calling for violence and racial discrimination, as well as religious and political nature.

Acceptance of these rules is imperative.